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Song List - Q-R

Song Title Artist/Group Album(s) Notes
Queen Amang The Heather, The Tannahill Weavers Land Of Light a) The Queen Amang The Heather - see also "Skipping Barfit Through The Heather" by Session A9
b) Mairi Anne MacInnes
Queen And The Soldier, The Grada Cloudy Day Navigation  
Queen Of Connemara Cherish The Ladies The Girls Won't Leave The Boys Alone a) Queen Of Connemara
b) The Carraroe Jig
c) The Lilting Fisherman
Quem Queritis Anuna Deep Dead Blue  
Quiet Of The Night Karan Casey Distant Shore  
Quis Est Deus Anuna Invocation; Invocation 2002  
Raghadsa's Mo Cheaiti Danu Up In The Air  
Raglan Road Orla Fallon The Water Is Wide  
Raglan Road Loreena McKennitt An Ancient Muse  
Raid, The Anuna Anuna; Anuna 2002; Relics  
Raindance Iron Horse Celtic Voices (compilation) no lyrics available
Raise Up Your Hunting Spear Anuna Omnis (Irish Release) See also "Salve Rex Gloriae" by Anuna
Raise Your Voices Secret Garden Earthsongs  
Raitachas Na Tairngreacht Danu The Road Less Traveled  
Raking And Roguing Cathie Ryan Somewhere Along The Road a) O Boro Braindi Braindi
b) Eirigh, A Shineid
Rambling Irishman Cherish The Ladies The Girls Won't Leave The Boys Alone  
Rambling Irishman, The Niamh Parsons & The Voice Squad Voices Of Celtic Women 1 (compilation)  
Rann Na Mona Capercaillie Delirium  
Rapture Capercaillie Nadurra  
Rare's Hill Mary Black Mary Black See also "Reres Hill" by Old Blind Dogs
Rathad Iericho Rachel Walker Braighe Loch Iall  
Rathlin Island Cathie Ryan Somewhere Along The Road  
Raven In The Storm Mary Black Circus  
Ready For The Storm Deanta Ready For The Storm  
Ready For The Storm Aoife Ferry The Turning Of The Tide  
Real You, The Mary Black Full Tide  
Red Civic Grada Cloudy Day Navigation  
Red-haired Mary Dervish Midsummer's Night  
Reel Around The Sun Brian Kennedy & The Riverdance Orchestra Riverdance On Broadway (soundtrack) a) Cloudsong
b) Reel Around The Sun
Reres Hill Old Blind Dogs Fit? See also "Rare's Hill" by Mary Black
Resolution Road Karine Polwart Faultlines  
Reul Alainn A' Chuain Kathleen MacInnes Og-Mhadainn Shamhraidh  
Rhiannon Ceredwen O'r Mabinogi  
Rhiannon's Lullaby Ashley Davis Closer To You  
Ri Fuaim An Taibh Donnie Murdo MacLeod Gaelic Scotland (compilation)  
Ri Na Cruinne Clannad Anam; Themes  
Rich Man's Silver Tannahill Weavers Epona  
Ride On Christy Moore Celtic Moods (compilation)  
Rigs O' Rye, The Tannahill Weavers Leaving St. Kilda  
Rince Philib a'Cheoil Clannad Clannad 2  
Rinn Thu Eudail Mo Mhealladh Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald Colla Mo Run  
Rinne Tu Maire Brennan Whisper To The Wild Water  
Ri-Ra The Riverdance Singers & The Riverdance Orchestra Riverdance On Broadway (soundtrack) no lyrics available
Rithill Aill Karen Matheson The Dreaming Sea; Celtic Voices (compilation) no lyrics available
Riu Riu Anuna Cynara; Winter Songs  
River Moya Brennan Two Horizons  
River Grada Cloudy Day Navigation  
River Sings, The Enya Amarantine  
River Of Life Trisan Trisan See also "Aird A Chuamhaing" by Anam; "Ardaigh Cuan" by Anuna; "Aird Ui Chumhaing" by Kevin Burke & Micheal O Domhnaill; "The Land Of Erin" by Katie McMahon
Riverdance Anuna & The Riverdance Orchestra Riverdance (soundtrack); Riverdance On Broadway (soundtrack)  
Rivers Run Karine Polwart This Earthly Spell  
Road Of Passage, The Anuna Sensation  
Road Tae Drumleman, The Malinky Flower & Iron  
Robin Of Sherwood Medley Clannad Live In Concert a) Robin (The Hooded Man)
b) Herne
c) Ancient Forest
d) Lady Marian
e) Royal
f) Action
g) Mighty Chase
Robin Tamson's Smiddy Tannahill Weavers Epona a) Robin Tamson's Smiddy
b) Highland Kitty
Robin Clannad Legend; Pastpresent; Themes  
Rocky Road To Dublin, The High Kings The High Kings  
Roger The Miller Karan Casey Songlines  
Roghainn MacKenzie Ar Canan 'S Ar Ceol (compilation) a) Chi Mi Fada Bhuam - see also "Dh'eirich Mi Gu Moch Di-luain" by Maggie MacInnes
b) Clo Nan Gillean
c) Mo Chraobh Ubhal Dhuibh
Roisin Mary Black Circus  
Roisin Dubh Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill  
Rol Hol Ill Leo Talitha MacKenzie Solas See also "Faca Sibh Raghail Na Ailein" by Maggie MacInnes & "Faca Sibh Raghnall Na Ailein?" by Flora MacNeil
Rolling Hills O' The Borders, The Back Of The Moon Back Of The Moon  
Rolling Home Old Blind Dogs The Gab O Mey  
Rosc Catha Na Mumhan Relativity Gathering Pace  
Rose Amang The Thorn, The Tannahill Weavers Arnish Light  
Rose And The Lindsey O', The Old Blind Dogs Legacy  
Rose Of Allendale Mary Black Mary Black  
Rose Of Tralee, The Nightnoise Shadow Of Time  
Rough And Rocky Cathie Ryan The Farthest Wave  
Rovin' Heilandman, The Tannahill Weavers Land Of Light  
Rovin Poughboy, The Malinky 3 Ravens  
Ruidhleadh Anna Murray Tri Nithean a) Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn - see also "Puirt A-Beul" by Cliar & "Puirt-A-Beul" by Mairi MacInnes
b) Thoir A-null Ailean Thugam - see also "Finlay's" by Capercaillie; "Thoir A Nall Ailean Thugam" by Mouth Music; "Puirt A Beul" by Sileas; "Cha Teid Fionnlagh A dh'Eige" by Tannas
c) Bothan A Bh'aig Fionnghala - see also "Fionnghuala" by Anuna; "Fionnghuala" by the Bothy Band; "Fionnaghuala" by Talitha MacKenzie; "Bothan" by Alyth McCormack; "Fionnghuala" by Nightnoise; "Heidi" by Shine
Ruidhleadh Shine Sugarcane See also "Puirt A-Beul" by Cliar & "Puirt-A-Beul" by Mairi MacInnes
Ruith Na Gaoith Arthur Cormack Ruith Na Gaoith  
Ruith Na Gaoith Rachel Walker Fon Reul-Sholus  
Ruler Of The Tides Mouth Music Shorelife