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Cloudy Day Navigation River
Credits: Susan McKeown; arranged by Gráda
Appears On: Cloudy Day Navigation
Language: English


Chorus (after each verse):
Bathe me in the water of the Lagan, of the Boyne
Of the Liffey, of the Slaney, of the Barrow, Nore and Suir
Of the Blackwater, the Bann, the Lee, the Shannon, Foyle and Erne
Bathe me in the water

Oh bless the water that flows from the fields
Into the sea that surrounds our little island of green
Oh bless the water that flows from these stone walls
Into an ocean we have never seen

Hope is a dress that my mother once wore
A fiddle tune I heard that has no words
Hope is the one thing we have never lost
Though we are tired, tired from the old work

Same anger in our hearts, same desolation and loss
Why are we divided?
Bind us in friendship, so rage will never rise again
In fair Éire between friends

(Chorus 2x)