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The Road Less Traveled The Road Less Traveled
Tracks: 1. MaCahills Reel/Doherty's/Reel Gan Ainm
2. Co. Down
3. Top It Off/Jig Gan Ainm/Kilkenny Jig/Alasdruims March
4. Peg And Awl
5. The Fairy Reel/The Old Torn Petticoat/Our House At Home
6. Ráitachas Na Tairngreacht
7. Garech's Wedding/Reel Gan Ainm/The Moving Bog/Cliffs Of Glen ColmCille
8. Farewell Farewell
9. Song Of The Chanter/Rakes Of Clonmel
10. The Wonder Hornpipe/The Impish Hornpipe
11. Beannacht Ó Rí Na hAoine
12. Neilí/Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Swing Band/Dayne Thomas's/Jazzing With Mag Leary