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Midsummer's Night Red-haired Mary
Credits: Seán McCarthy; arranged by Dervish
Appears On: Midsummer's Night
Language: English


As I was going to the fair of Dingle
One fine morning last July
A fine young man came up behind me
"Red-haired Mary," did he cry

"Will you come with me, my red-haired Mary?
The donkey, he can carry two"
I looked at him, me eyes did twinkle
Me cheeks, they were a rosy hue

"Thank you kindly, sir," I answered
Then tossed me light red hair
Says I, "Will you hold the donkey
And I'll ride with you to the Dingle fair"

When we reached the town of Dingle
He caught me hand to say good-bye
Hit him in his left eye

Take your hands off red-haired Mary
She and I are to be wed
We were with the priest this very morn
Tonight we'll lie in our marriage bed

Well, he was feeling very peevish
His poor eye was sad and sore
He kicked the tinker with his hobnails
Knocked him through Tom Murphy's door

He galloped off to meet his father
The tallest man you e'er did see
He tapped him gently with his knuckles
And now he's missing two front teeth

Oh and I, the happy cailin
"Man, with you I'll go," I said
"Never mind the priest this very morn
Tonight we'll sleep in Murphy's shed"


Around the corner came a peeler
Told him I had broke the law
The donkey kicked him on the kneecap
He fell down and broke his jaw

Through the fair we roamed together
His black eye and my red hair
Gazing gaily at the tinker
Weren't we the happy pair?

(Chorus 2x)