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Epona Robin Tamson's Smiddy
Credits: Traditional
  a) Robin Tamson's Smiddy
b) Highland Kitty
Appears On: Epona
Language: Scots-English


My mither men't my auld breeks and wow, but they were duddy o
And sent me tae get shod the meer at Robin Tamson's smiddy o
The smiddy stans ayout the burn a wee bit frae the clachan o
I never yet gaed by the door but fat I fell a-lachin o

Auld Robin was a wealthy carl an' had a bonnie dochter o
He widnae lat her tak' a man tho' mony ane had socht her o
But fat think ye o my exploit the time the mare was shooin' o?
I went in tae Robin's pet and briskly fell a-wooin' o

Fal a doo a di do
Fal de doo a daddy o
Fal de doo a di do
Auld Robin Tamson's smiddy o

And aye she e'ed my auld breeks the time that we were crackin' o
Says I, "My lass, ne'er mind the clouts, there's new anes for the makin' o
Gin ye'll consent tae come wi' me an' lea the carl yer faither o
Ye'll get my breeks tae keep in trim, mysel' and a' thegither o"


"Indeed," quo she, "Your offer's fair, I really think I'll tak' it o
Gang ye awa', get oot the mare, we'll baith sit on the back o't o
For gin I wait my faither's time, I'll wait 'til I be fifty o
But I will marry in my prime and mak' a wife sae thrifty o"

Noo Robin wis an angry carl at tinin o his dochter o
Through a' the kintrae side he ran an' far and near he sought her o
Bit fin he cam' to oor fireside and fan us baith thegither o
Quo I, "Guid man, I've ta'en yer bairn, an' ye can tak my mither o"


Auld Robin girned and scrathed his pow, "Guid sooth," quo he, "Ye're merry o
But I'll e'en tak ye at yer word and end this hurry burry o"
So Robin an' our auld guid wife agreed tae keep thegither o
So I hae Robin Tamson's pet and Rob has ta'en my mither o

(Chorus 2x)