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Live In Concert Live In Concert
Tracks: 1. Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
2. Finlays
3. Kepplehall: Kepplehall/The Osmosis Reel
4. Nil Si I nGra
5. The Miracle Of Being
6. Dr MacPhail's Reel/Cape Breton Song
7. The Weasel Set: Granny Hold The Candle While I Shave The Chicken's Lip II/The Weasel In The Dyke/Macleod's Farewell
8. Inexile
9. Iain Ghlinn Cuaich
10. Bonaparte
11. The Rob Roy Reels: The Road To Rio/Bulgarian Red/Shetland Reel/The Gesto Reel/Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel/The Rob Roy Reel
12. Coisich A Ruin
13. Crime Of Passion
14. The Tree