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The Blood Is Strong Cumha Do dh'Uilleam Siosal
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Capercaillie
Appears On: The Blood Is Strong
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Mo Run Geal Og" on Capercaillie's album Glenfinnan
"Mo Run Geal Og" on Flora MacNeil's album Craobh Nan Ubhal
"Mo Rn Geal g" on Rachel Walker's album Fon Reul-Sholus

Lyrics: English Translation:
Och a Thearlaich og Stiubhart Oh young Charles Stewart
'Se do chuis rinn mo leireadh Your cause is the reason of my sorrow
Thug thu uam gach ni bh'agam You took from me everything I had
Ann an cogadh a'd aobhar In the war on your behalf
Cha chrodh is cha chairdean I am not mourning cattle and sheep
Rinn mo chradh ach mo cheile But my partner
O'n la dh'fhag thu m'i'm aonar Since I am left alone
Gun sion 'sant-saoghal ach leine With nothing but my shroud
Mo run geal og My bright young love
Gur a mis' thair mo sqaradh I am torn apart
'Sged a chan-am cha bhreug e And although I say it, it is no lie
'Sioma te bha na bantraich My joy turned to sorrow
Nach d'fhuair samhladh do'm cheile Since you will not return from death
Fear do cheille's do thuig-se One of your wisdom and understanding
Cha robh fur-asd r'a fhaotuinn Was not easy to find
'Scha do sheas air Cul-lo-dair And not one stood at Culloden
Fear do choltais bu treine Of your appearance and bravery
Mo run geal og My bright young love