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Glenfinnan Mo Run Geal Og
Credits: Christina Ferguson
Appears On: Glenfinnan
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Cumha Do dh'Uilleam Siosal" on Capercaillie's album The Blood Is Strong
"Mo Run Geal Og" on Flora MacNeil's album Craobh Nan Ubhal
"Mo Rn Geal g" on Rachel Walker's album Fon Reul-Sholus

Lyrics: English Translation:
Och a Thearlaich og Stiubhart Alas, young Charles Stewart
'Se do chuis rinn mo leireadh It is your cause that has left me desolate
Thug thu 'uam gach ni bh'agam You took from me everything
Ann an cogadh 'nad aobhar That I had in a war in your cause
Cha chrodh is cha chaoraich It is not cattle or friends
Tha mi 'caoidh ach mo cheile That have pained me, but my spouse
O'n la dh'fhag e mi 'm aonar Since the day that you left me alone
Gun sion san t-saoghal ach leine With nothing in the world but my shift
Mo run geal og My fair young love
Bu tu fear mor bu mhath cumadh You were the tall man, and handsome
O do mhullach gu d' bhrogan From the crown of your head to your shoes
Tha do shlios mar an eala Your side was like the swan
'S bias na meala air do phogan Your kisses tasted of honey
D'fhalt dualach donn lurach Your curled, brown, beautiful hair
Mu do mhuineal an ordugh Was arranged 'round your neck
'Se gu camalubach cuimir Ringleted and elegant
Gach aon toit urram d'a bhoidhchead So that all paid tribute to its beauty
Mo run geal og My fair young love
O gur mise th'air mo sgaradh How distraught I am
'S ged do chanam cha bhreug e And though I say it, it is no lie
'S iomadh te bha 'm banntrach There is many a widow
Nach tug __ dhut fheine Who did not get the equal of my spouse
Fear do cheile 's do thuigse A man of your good sense and understanding
Cha robh furasd ri fheudainn Was not easy to find
'S cha do sheas an Cul-lodair And there stood not on Culloden's field
Fear do choltais bu treine A more valiant man of your mien
Mo run geal og My fair young love
Och nan och, gur mi bochdag Alas and alack
'S mi lan osnaich an comhnaidh What a wretch I am, ceaselessly sighing
Chaill mi duil ri thu thighinn I lost hope of your return
Thuit mo chridhe gu dortadh My heart burst with sorrow
Cha tog fidheall no clarsach Neither fiddle or harp will raise it
Piob no taileasg no ceol e Nor pipe nor gaming nor music
Nis o chuir iad thu'n tasgadh Now that they have laid you to rest
Cha duisg caidreabh duin' oig mi Young men's company does not arouse me
Mo run geal og My fair young love
Bha mi greis ann am barail For a while
Gun bu mhaireann mo cheile I imagined my spouse was alive
Is gun tigeadh tu dhachaidh And that you would come home
Le aithghearr 's le aoibhneis With joy and happiness
Ach tha'n t-am dhol thairis But the time has gone by
'Is chan fhaic mi fear d'eugais And I shall not see one like you
Gus an teid mi dhan annart Until I go under the ground
Cha dealaich do speis rium My love for you will not leave me
Mo run geal og My fair young love