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Delighted With Harps Delighted With Harps
Tracks: 1. The Brigs: The North Brig O' Edinburgh/The Brig O' Perth
2. Cadal Chan Fhaigh Mi (I Can Get No Sleep)
3. Reels: Millbrae/The Spey In Spate
4. Eppie Morrie
5. Air And Reel: The Chanters Tune/Marry Me Now
6. Da Day Dawn
7. The Little Cascade
8. Tha Mulad
9. 'S Coltach Mi Ri Craobh Gun Duilleag (I Am Like A Tree Without Leaves)/Feadan Glan a'Phiobair (The Pipe's Crisp/Clean Chanter)
10. John Anderson My Jo
11. The Judges Dilemma/The Inverness Gathering