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Dchas Waulking Song
Credits: a) Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad
b) Braes Of Melinish - John MacDonald
Appears On: Dchas; Gaelic Scotland 2 (compilation)
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
'S na horo h hoireannan 'S na horo h hoireannan
Horo chall eile Horo chall eile
'S na horo h hoireannan 'S na horo h hoireannan
Gura mis' tha fo mhulad It is I that am sorrowful
Air an tulaich 's mr m' islean On a hillock, great is my grief
Chunna mise mo leannan I saw my love
Cha do dh'aithnich e 'n d mi He did not recognize me yesterday
Cha do dh'fhidir, 's cha d' fharraid He neither noticed me nor enquired
Cha do ghabh e dhom sgeula He didn't ask me how I was
Chunna mise dol suas thu I saw you going up
Gu buaile na spridhe To the cattlefold
'S ann a ghabh e orm seachad He passed me by
Air each glas nan ceum eutrom On a gray horse with a light step
Air each glas nan ceum lthmhor On a nimble-footed horse
'Ghearradh snndach an fhithe Lively at jumping the bog
Tha mo leanabh nam achlais My baby is in my arms
'S mi gun taice fo'n ghrin dha I am without sustenance under the sun for him
Cha bu mhise bu choireach I was not at fault
'S ann bu choireach e fhin ris It was himself that was at fault
Mar a thid mi 'nam nar That I wander around alone
'G iarraidh ln air gach t dha Seeking food of every woman for him