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Cåpèrçaillie The Miracle Of Being
Credits: Donald Shaw
Appears On: Secret People; Cåpèrçaillie; Dusk Till Dawn; Live In Concert
Language: English


Welcome Mother Nature
Welcome to your home
Welcome to the place you used to own
Decorations fading
The writing's on the wall
Illusions of an era free for all

Your eyes will need a shelter
Shelter from the pain
Soaring smoke and burning drops of rain
And all around society
Is living on a prayer
Religion holding fort from despair

The heat wave of a thousand fears
Rainbows from a million tears
Echoes of a symphony playing on your mind
And even when the morning's clear
It's hard to find the reasons
For the miracle of you and me
The miracle of being
Such a miracle...

Reflection on the water
Your face is still as night
Staring like a curse in the frozen light
Such a miracle
The prince of hidden treasure
He's kissed the green above
And realized a ripple of your love
Such a miracle


Welcome Mother Nature
Decorations fading
Illusions of an era free for all