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Beating Harps Ca' The Yowes
Credits: Robert Burns
Appears On: Beating Harps
Language: Scots-English


Ca' the yowes tae the knowes
Ca' them whaur the heather grows
Ca' them whaur the burnie rowes
My bonnie dearie

As I gaed doon the water side
It's there I met my shepherd lad
He row'd me sweetly in his plaid
And he ca'd me his dearie

Will ye gang doon the water side
To see the waves sae sweetly glide
Beneath the hazels spreading wide?
The moon, it shines fu' clearly


I was bred up at nae sic school
My shepherd lad, to play the fool
And all the day to sit in dool
And naebody to see me

Ye shall get goons and ribbons meet
Cauf-leather shune upon your feet
And in my airms you'll lie and sleep
And ye shall be my dearie


If you'll but stand by what you've said
I'll go wi' you, my shepherd lad
And ye may row me in your plaid
And I shall be your dearie