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Sugarcane Happed In Mist
Credits: Michael Mara
Appears On: Sugarcane
Language: Scots-English


Happed in mist these twenty-five eventful years seem to him now
And in all but one, a friendly gaze, a ghost of gladness by his side
With horse and plough he marched with pride of the purest kind
Then a blink of light and it's Flanders field and the end of time

Through the flash and cannon roar, he saw his Christine's smiling eyes
And with no more thought of blood or shell, he made his way to hold her near
But truth and honor's henchmen found him leaving here
A madman's rave and a coward's grave for the volunteer

And in his eyes flew snipe and curlew, and in his nose blew moistened air
And in his mind the wood the king stole that robbed the land and laid it bare
But in his heart his lover's memory, singing on their wedding night
Where once the parks flowed thick with corn, that sullen tune is with him now

Happed in mist, the king's own rifles, ready, aim

The flowers of the forest are a' we'ed awa'