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Four On The Floor Cairn O' Mount
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Old Blind Dogs
Appears On: Four On The Floor
Language: Scots-English


As I rode by yon Brig O Dye
And past yon hill o' broom
A maiden sang right merrily
Just as the sun gaed doon

Chorus (after each verse):
Sayin', "Cairn O' Mount is bleak and bare
And cauld lies Clach na Benn
And you can see the snow lyin' there
Along the summer's end"

Well, I lighted off my dapple gray
And walked by her side
Sayin', "Lassie, I hae lost my way
Upon your moor sae wide
Oh war me o' your face sae fair
Yer een sae bonny blue
The longest day I blighthly share
Tae kiss your cherry moo

Oh lassie, will ye gan wi' me
And leave yer cauld richt glen?
Wi' a' my kin, ye'll bear the gree
There's wealth baith but and ben
Wi' silks and satins busket braw
And ribbons fer yer hair
And maids tae answer when ye ca'
So can ye wish for mair?

Oh lassie, ye maun think a while
My lands are far and wide
I've gold in banks and ships at sea
So come and be my bride
My faither's left me lordships twa
A coach at my command
I'll mak' ye lady o' them a'
If ye'll gie me yer hand

Oh lassie, think yer Donald's poor
Has neither horse nor coo
A shepherd stragglin' ower the moor
Is no' a match for you"
"Oh Cairn O' Mount is bleak and bare
And cauld lies Clach na Benn
And I'd rather meet my Donald there
Than be fair Scotland's Queen"

"Oh lassie I'm loath tae tell
You throw yer love awa'
Yer Donald brally kens himsel'
Last gloamins what I saw
As I rode by his shielin' door
I spied a heiland maid
And yer Donald kissed her ower and ower
And rolled her in his plaid"

"Would you swear a solemn oath
What you hae told tae me?
I wouldnae dread my Donald's faith
But sae base loon ye lee"
It's he's thrown off his laland dress
Combed doon his yellow hair
Sayin', "Lassie, you've been true tae me
And now we'll part nae mair

Nae mair I'm shepherd o' the glen
But laird a'yont the Dee
And since ye hae been true tae me
I'll aye prove true tae thee"