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The World's Room Battle Of Waterloo
Credits: Traditional; lyrics by Jim Malcolm
Appears On: The World's Room; Play Live
Language: Scots-English


Spring comes to Kirrie, all the world's in bloom
Winter is forgiven now, fooled by April's broom
Kirrie, oh Kirrie, you were aye my hame
'Til Napoleon's bloody cannon hit their aim

Jeanie, oh Jeanie, I am surely done
Stricken down in battle at the mooth o' Boney's guns
Jeanie, oh Jeanie, aye sae dear tae me
Let me hold you in my mind afore I dee

For the cold returns in autumn when the wind rakes the trees
And the summer lies forgotten in a cold bed of leaves
As winter begins aye mind Boney, it wasn't only you
Who was broken on the field of Waterloo

Surgeon, oh surgeon, leave me wi' my pain
Save your knife for others who will surely rise again
Surgeon, oh surgeon, leave my blood to pour
Let it drain into the bitter clay once more


Daughter, oh daughter, listen dear tae me
Never wed a sodger, or a widow you will be
Daughter, oh daughter, curse your lad to die
'Ere he catches the recruitin' sergeant's eye


Boney, oh Boney, war was aye your game
Bloody field your table, cannon yours to aim
Boney, oh Boney, we aye lived the same
Drillin' laddies not to fear the muskets' flame

(Chorus 2x)