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Out Of The Blue Tir Nan Og
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Anna Mhoireach
Appears On: Out Of The Blue
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Gir nan tonn gur trom an nuallan Heavy is the crying and murmuring of the waves
Seirm am chluais do ghlir Ringing your praises in my ear
Dn nam beann gach allt is fuaran The poetry of the mountains is in every spring and burn
Siaradh nuas le'd cheol Bearing your music down
'S t gach ltha gun tmh mo bhuaireadh Every day is, without respite, provoking me
D'iargain bhuan gam len And your eternal loss wounds me
'S t gach oidhche chaoich mo bhruadar You are my nightly dream forever
Gu Thr Nan g The Land of Youth
Bs neo brn cha bheo nad loinn fhir Neither death nor sorrow can abide within you
Uir air foill 's air g Where all treachery and deceit are buried, overcome
Sair sior l do dheo 's do chaoimhneis Where the excellent ones partake of your sweet breath and benevolence
Aoibhneas snmh 's na neoil Joy swims in your firmament
Reultan airde latha sa dh'oidhche And high stars, day and night
Boillsgeadh seamh troimh che Shine peacefully through a mist
Teudan tltha fs ad choilltean While the gentle sound of strings rise from your woods
Gu Thr Nan g The Land of Youth
Cl nan tonn tha long mo bhruadair Behind the waves is the galley of my dreams
Fuaradh mar bu ns ___
Rn an Din a ghnth ga gluasad Fate's design moving her smoothly
Ciuin le luaths an eoin With the speed of a bird
Iubraich Bhin na fg mi'm thruaghan Lubhraich Bhain, do not abandon me, like a wretch
Taobh nan cuantan mr This side of the great oceans
Doimhne craidh is grdh gam dhuanadh Where the depth of my torment, and my love, mold and prepare me
Gu Tr Nan g For the Land of Youth