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Parallel Dreams Breaking The Silence
Credits: Loreena McKennitt
Appears On: Parallel Dreams
Language: English


I hear some distant drumbeat, a heartbeat pulsing low
Is it coming from within, a heartbeat I don't know?
A troubled soul knows no peace, a dark and poisoned pool
Of liberty now lost, a pawn, an oppressor's tool

Oh my heart be strong
And guide when eyes grow dim
When ears grow deaf with empty words
When I know there's life within

A gunfire shatters silence where birds once sweetly sang
A mother cradles a child now dead, now death where life began
From the troubled heart of South Africa, Nicaragua's festering sore
The turmoil on the streets of China, death crying out for more


A change is slow in coming, my eyes can scarcely see
The rays of hope come streaming through the smoke of apathy


May the spirit never die though a troubled heart feels pain
When the long winter is over, it will blossom once again