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Last Leaves Strathmartine Mains (Love And Freedom)
Credits: a) Strathmartine Mains (Love And Freedom) - Mary Brooksbank
b) Banish Misfortune - traditional; arranged by Malinky
Appears On: Last Leaves
Language: Scots-English
Other Versions: a) "Love And Freedom" on Cathie Ryan's album The Music Of What Happens


As I cam owre Strathmartine Mains
Wha dae ye think I seen?
But a braw young piper laddie
Cam a-linkin owre the green

Chorus (after each verse):
Singing hey Donald, ho Donald

He played a jig and he played reel
And he played a sweet strathspey
He roused my hairt 'til the beat skipped time
Tae the tappin' o' ma tae

Well, I've nae gowd tae offer ye
I hae but little gear
But we'll hae love and freedom
If ye'll gang wi' me, my dear

There's gowd in the broom o' the Sidlaw Hills
Honey in the heather sweet
There's speckled trout in the Henlinn Tarn
A cairpet 'neath oor feet

He blew up his chanter
An' it's sic a spig he plays
So I chose love and freedom
An' I'll wander all my days