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Last Leaves The Green Wedding
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Malinky
  a) The Green Wedding
b) Bill Harte's Jig
Appears On: Last Leaves
Language: Scots-English


There was a squire in Edinburgh toon, and a squire o' high degree
He came coortin' a comely lass, and a comely lass was she
She's got consent fae her faither and her mither, fae the auld and young likewise
And then she said, "I am undone," and the tears fell from her eyes

She wrote her love a letter and she sealed it wi' her right hand
She told him that she was to be wedded to a very rich farmer's son
When he read the first line o'er, he laughed and he did say
"I will deprive him o' his love all on his wedding day"

So he wrote her back an answer and he wrote without delay
He wrote her back an answer to be dressed in green array
"A suit of the same it's I'll put on, your wedding to prepare
My dearest dear, it's you I'll wed, in spite of all that's there"

He rode east and he rode west and all around the land
He's gaithered a score o' the finest men to ride at his command
They rode on in twos or threes, but a single man rode he
'Til they arrived at the wedding house, a fine green company

There she poured him a glass of the new port wine, he says tae the company 'roond
"Whaur is the man?" cries he, he says, "The man they call the groom?
Whaur is the man?" cries he, he says, "Who will enjoy the bride?
Another might love her as well as he and tak' her fae his side"

Well, it's up and spak' the bridegroom, and he spak' sae loud and clear
"If it's for fight that you've come here, be sure I'll no' be swear"
"It's no' for fight that I've come here, but friendship for to show
Gin ye'll gie me a kiss o' the bonnie, bonnie bride, awa' fae you I'll go"

But he's ta'en her by the middle sae sma' and by the grass-green sleeve
He's marched her oot o' that wedding house and the company asked no leave
The drums did beat and the morning sun sae glorious tae be seen
Aye they rode awa' tae Edinburgh toon, the company dressed in green