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Peaceful Ground 'S Toil Leam An Ciobair
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Maggie MacInnes
Appears On: Peaceful Ground
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
O 's toil leam an cobair I love the shepherd
Chan eil coir' ort ri nnse There is no fault in him
Thu bhith fgail na tre It's your leaving of this land
A dh'fhg m'nntinn fo len That has left me so sorrowful
Nuair a thid thu dhan mhunadh When you go to the moor
Le'd ghunna 's le'd' chuilein With your gun and dog
Nuair a thid thu air t' uillinn When you go onto your elbow
Bheir thu fuil a damh cric The stag will be bloodied
Nuair a thid thu do'n aonach When you go to the hills
A shealltainn nan caorach To look after the sheep
Gheibhinn leisgeul nam faodainn I would find an excuse
Gus a ghaoil bhith nad' chir To be at your side
'S truagh nach robh mi 'san iarr'as It would be better that I had the fever
Ma faca mi riamh thu Before I ever set eyes on you
'S fios 'm fhn nach mi chiad te I know that I am not the first
Fhuair briathran do bheil To hear sweet-talking from your mouth
'S truagh nach robh mi 'san anart It would be better that I was in the shroud
Ciste chaol nam brd tana In a coffin of thin wood
Mu'n d'fhuair mi do ghealladh Before I ever got your promise
'S 'n am thini' tu 'm choir Before you ever came near me