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Peaceful Ground Cairistiona
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Maggie MacInnes & Graeme Hughes
Appears On: Peaceful Ground
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Cairistiona" on George Jackson & Maggie MacInnes' album Cairistiona
"Nach Fhreagair Thu, Cairistiona" on Tannas' album R-R

Lyrics: English Translation:
Nach freagair thu Chairistiona? Will you answer, Christina?
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
E ho hi huru bhi E ho hi huru bhi
Horo o hi ho ho ro ho o Horo o hi ho ho ro ho o
E ho hi huru bhi E ho hi huru bhi
Nam freagradh gun cluinninn fhn thu If you'd answer, I would hear you
Chi mi luingeas air Caol Ile I see ships in the sound of Islay
'S iad ag iarraidh Cairistiona They are seeking Christina
Chan ann gu banais a dhanamh Not to take her to her wedding
Gus a cur 's an talamh seal In deep ground they are going to lay her
Turus a thug mi Ghleann Comhainn To Glencoe I once did journey
'N fhairge trom 's an caolas domhainn The waves were high and the channel deep
Chan fhaod mi mo leum a thomhas I cannot judge my leap in distance
Ged dh'fhaodadh, cha dan mi'n gnothach And if I could I would gain nothing
Cha bhi Cairistiona romham Christina for me will not be waiting