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This Feeling Inside This Feeling Inside
Credits: Mairi MacInnes; lyrics by S. Evans
Appears On: This Feeling Inside
Language: English


You can try, but you'll never understand
This feeling I have inside
It is with me in the darkest hours
And in the quietest moments

I am a Gael, so gentle and proud
I trust in God and my people
I will follow you through the mists of time
'Til we meet again in the land of my ancestors

I know that wherever I go in this world
For I am not alone
You and my friends are with me always
And I will be safe with this feeling inside


It is in my heart and it is on my breath
The love that I have for you, can you feel it?
Protects me when I am weak
And it gives me strength whenever I'm feeling tired


People try to do me harm, but they know they never can
Not when I have you with me
Stand by my side and never forsake me
And guide me forever

(Chorus 2x)