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This Feeling Inside Sit At My Table
Credits: Mairi MacInnes; lyrics by S. Evans
Appears On: This Feeling Inside
Language: English


You come from the south
And from a different land
The city is in your blood
And in your mind

Come, sit at my table and eat my food
Sit at my fire and drink my wine
For you are a friend and will always be
Until the end of time

The land and people are so different here
We are generations together
No need to live apart with a broken heart
This land is in our blood and in our minds


Your travels have brought us together now
Having decided to make the change
Tear away from your urban values
And come here with an open mind


This is a place of peace, my friend
There is little need for change
You are welcome to live amongst us
Forever with friends

(Chorus 2x)