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This Feeling Inside Follow The Light
Credits: Mairi MacInnes; lyrics by S. Evans
Appears On: This Feeling Inside
Language: English


When you can't go on and life has let you down
Don't give up, don't turn your back on me
I am your friend

Oh happiness is sometimes so difficult to find
Depression and distress are all around you
This is just a passing phase in time
Let go and cry

Chorus (after each verse):
Follow the light
Stay close by my side
Follow the light
I shall be your comfort tonight

Let my friendship blow the clouds of darkness away
Don't let them curtail your life
Look back and remember the better days
As they will be with you again soon

Take care of yourself and be strong
There will always be bad times
But like the winter, they won't last
Sunshine and warmth will soon be in your heart