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Essentially Ishbel Griogal Cridhe
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Ishbel MacAskill
Appears On: Essentially Ishbel
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Griogal Cridhe" on Fiona Mackenzie & Arthur Cormack's album Seinn! O Ho Ro Seinn!
"Griogair" on Talitha MacKenzie's album Spiorad
"Griogal Cridhe" on Mac-talla's album ...Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol
"Beloved Gregor" on Whistlebinkies' album Inner Sound

Lyrics: English Translation:
'S iomadh oidhche fhliuch is thioram Many's the night, wet or dry
Sde nan seachd sian And in the fiercest storms
Gheibheadh Griogal dhomhsa creagan Gregor would find a nook for me
Ris an gabhainn don Where I could take shelter
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
Obhan, obhan, obhan iri Obhan, obhan, obhan iri
Obhan iri o Obhan iri o
Obhan, obhan, obhan iri Obhan, obhan, obhan iri
'S mr mo mhulad, 's mr Great is my sorrow, great
Dhrich mi dhan t-semar mullaich I climbed to the topmost room
'S theirinn mi 'n taigh lir And descended to the lowest
'S cha d'fhuair mise Griogal cridhe I didn't find darling Gregor
Na shuidhe mun chlr Sitting at the table
Eudail mhir de shluagh an domhain Great treasure of the world's people
Dhirt iad d'fuil an-d They spilled your blood yesterday
'S chuir iad do cheann air stob daraich They put your head on an oaken stump
Tacan beag bho d' chr A little way from your body
B'annsa bhith le Griogal cridhe I would rather be with my darling Gregor
Ternadh chruidh le gleann Herding cattle down the glen
Na le Baran mr na Dalach Than with the great Laird of Dull
'S soda geal mu'm cheann And white silk about my head
Chan eil bhlan idir agam I have no apples
'S bhlan uile aig cch And everyone else has
Sann tha m'ubhal cbhraidh, caineil My fragrant, sweet apple
'S cl a chinn ri lr Lies with his head on the ground
Nuair bhios mnathan g' a' bhaile When the young women of the village
Nochd nan cadal simh Are sleeping soundly tonight
Sann bhios mis' air bruaich do lice I will be at the edge of your grave
Bualadh mo dha limh Beating my palms in sorrow