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Soda Grdh Geal Mo Chridh'
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Ishbel MacAskill & Blair Douglas
Appears On: Soda; Gaelic Scotland (compilation)
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Bheir Mi " on The Cassidys' album Singing From Memory
"Grdh Geal Mo Chridh'" on Arthur Cormack's album Ruith Na Gaoith

Lyrics: English Translation:
'N m bhith cromadh ris a'ghleann On turning to the glen
Thinig snaidhm air mo chridh' My heart was enthralled
Bho nach d'thug thu dhomh do lmh Since you did not give me your hand
'S mi'n dil nach fhgadh tu mi I hoped you would not leave me
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
Bheir mi hu h Bheir mi hu h
Bheir mi hu h Bheir mi hu h
Bheir mi hu h Bheir mi hu h
'S mi fo bhrn 's tu gam dhth I am sad and you are not with me
Dhanainn treabhadh dhuit is buan I would plow for you and reap
Chumainn suas thu gun dth I'd support you and you'd want for nothing
Bheirinn as a' ghreabhal chruaidh I would take from the hard gravel
Do mo luaidh teachd an tr A living for my love
Ged nach eil sinn fhathast psd' Although we are not yet married
Tha mi'n dchas gum bi I hope we will be
Fhad' 's a mhaireas mo dh dhrn As long as there is strength in my two fists
Cha bhith ln oirnn a dhth We will want for nothing
Dh'fhg thu slteach mo shil You left my eye tearful
Dh'fhg thu trsach mo chridh' You left my heart broken
Dh'fhg thu tana-glas mo shnuadh You left me with a sickly pallor
'S thug thu ghruag bhrr mo chnn My hair is thinned