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Soda Brigh Loch Iall
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Ishbel MacAskill & Blair Douglas
Appears On: Soda
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "Braighe Loch Iall" on Shine's album Sugarcane
"Brighe Loch Iall" on Rachel Walker's album Brighe Loch Iall

Lyrics: English Translation:
O thid 's gun tid Oh I'll go, I shall go
O thid mi thairis Oh I shall go over
Gu innis nam b To the cattle grazings
Far an b' el dhomh 'n ainnir To the girl I once knew
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
Hill bha h Hill bha h
'S na hao ri ri ri o hi 'S na hao ri ri ri o hi
Hoireann g ho i o bha h Hoireann g ho i o bha h
Gu Brighe Loch Iall To the Brae of Loch Eil
Far 'm bi fiadh 'san langan Where the bellowing deer are
Is earbag nan stc And the little roe of the peaks
Gu lthmhor eangarr' That is so strong and nimble
A bhean an fhuilt ridh Oh woman of the fine hair
Thug mi fhin dhuit mo ghealladh I gave you my promise
Mo ghealladh ad dhidh My promise goes with you
Ged b'fheudar bhith dealaicht' Although we must be parted
Gur math thig brid bn A white head-dress becomes you well
Air a chradh ort beannach Arranged on you in a point
Mu aghaidh gun sgraing Framing the smooth-skinned face
Nan gormshilean meallach Of the blue, beguiling eyes
Is staidhse dhan t-soda And stays of fine silk
Mhn gad theannachadh Drawn tight around you
Is aparan r And a new apron
bth a' cheannaich' From the merchant's shop
Gur minig a bha sinn Often were we
An irigh ghleannaich In a shieling in the glen
Am bothan beag dlth In a snug little bothy
Gun dnadh ach barraich With only brush-wood for a door
Lmh thogail an il Adroit at rearing calves
Bha tlths riut ceangailt' Gentleness was second nature to you
'N m gabhail mu thmh When it was time to go to bed
Cha do chnmh ar teallach Our fire never dwindled
Mo lmh fod cheann My hand beneath your head
'S do lmh gheal tharam And your white arm around me
Mo thaobh rid thaobh My side against your side
'S sinn maoth-chridheach, tairis Both of us tender-hearted and loving