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Stras Cumha Aoghnuis
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Geoff Arsenault, Chris Corrigan, Wendy MacIsaac, Ed Woodsworth, Mary Jane Lamond & Phil Strong
Appears On: Stras
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Gur e mise tha fo mhulad I feel depressed
'S mi air tulaich na h-irigh As I sit on the hill near the sheiling
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
H r 's na h H r 's na h
Falbh ho r n-ill u Falbh ho r n-ill u
H r 's na h H r 's na h
'S mi ri coimhead na mara I gaze at the sea
Ag cur thairis a'bhta As it capsizes the boat
'S mi ri coimhead nan gillean I stare at the young men
Air an linnidh 'g am bthadh Being drowned in the channel
Mo thriir bhrithrean ann 's m'athair My three brothers are there and my father
Fear mo thighe 's e chrdh mi The head of my house is the one who grieves for me
Bs Aonghnuis a Barraidh The death of Angus of Barra
Gur e sgar is a chrdh mi Has torn me with affliction and tormented me
Chuir 'ad line de'n anart They enveloped you in a shirt of linen
Gun bhannan mu d'bhrghad Without bands around your neck
Ann an cistidh chaoil, chumhaing In a narrow, contracted coffin
Air a dubhadh 's a tirneadh Dark-stained and nailed down
Och nan och mar tha mise Woe of woes, such is my plight
Bean gun mhisneach gu brth mi I will ever remain a woman without courage
T gun mhac, gun fhear taighe A woman without a son, without a husband
T gun aighear, gun slinte Without mirth, without health