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Ln Dil Cha Tig Mr Mo Bhean Dhachaidh
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Rob Piltch
Appears On: Ln Dil
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Lyrics: English Translation:
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
Cha tig Mr mo bhean dhachaidh My wife Mr will not return home
Cha tig Mr mo bhean ghaoil Mr, my beloved wife will not return
Cha tig mthair mo leanabh The mother of my children
Nochd a laighidh ri m'thaobh Will not come to lie by my side tonight
Tha an crodh anns an eadraidh The cattle are in the milking fold
'S iad ri 'freagairt nan laogh Lowing in answer to the calves
Cha tig Mr Dn Bheagain Mr will not return from Dunvegan
'S cha fhreagairt i an glaodh To respond to their calls
Thig brr air an iubhar The yew tree will come in bloom
Thig duilleag air chraoibh The trees will grow leaves
Thig frs air a' luachair And seed will appear on the rushes
Ach cha ghluais mo bhean ghaoil But my darling wife will remain lifeless
Ged a dheanainn-sa psadh Although I should remarry
Mar bu chir dhomh 'nad dhidh As I ought to with you gone
Cha togadh mo chridhe My heart will not lift
Ri fidhill nan teud To the sounds of the fiddle
Ged a gheobhainn bean uasal Although I should get a wife of means
'S daoin' uaisl' air gach taobh With gentry of both sides of the family
'S mr gum b'fherr leam Mr agam I would far rather Mr to be with me
'Dol bhi laighe ri m'thaobh And lying by my side