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Siubhal O 'S Toil 'S Gur Ro-thoil Leam
Credits: Arranged by James Graham & Mary Ann Kennedy
Appears On: Siubhal
Language: Gidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)
Other Versions: "O 'S Toil 'S Gu R Thoil Leam" by Donnie Murdo MacLeod on the Gaelic Scotland compilation

Lyrics: English Translation:
Gura mis' tha fo mhulad I am all miserable
Ged is duilich dhomh innse Though it is hard for me to admit
Sist: Chorus (after each verse):
O 's toil 's gur ro thoil leam Oh I like, I do like
O 's toil leam thu, nonag Oh I like you, lassie
O 's toil 's gur ro thoil leam Oh I like, I do like you
Mi an ospadal Shasuinn Here in hospital in England
'S trom 's gur h-airsneulach m'inntinn My mind is heavy and weary
Mi gun fhois nach e 'm bs e Not knowing whether I may die
'S cha toir bta 'Phortrgh mi And the boat will never take me to Portree
Thoir mo shoiridh 'Dhn Bheagain Bear my greetings to Dunvegan
Nam feadan 's nam pioban The place of chanters and pipes
'N t-soiridh eile seo fairis Another greeting across the water
Bhuam go ceannaichean Lte From me to the merchants of Leith
Go gillean na Hearadh One to the Harris boys
Is go Alasdair Pobar And to Alasdair the piper
Go pidse na baintighearn' To my lady's page
Ged 'se chainnt rinn mo dhteadh Though his words got me into trouble
'S toil 's gur toil leam a' ghruagach I like, I do like the maiden
Ged nach d'fhuair mi dhomh fhn i Though I did not get her for myself
'S toil leam bean a' chuil bhuidhe I like the fair-haired girl
A ni 'm bruthach a dhreadh Who can lightly climb the brae