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Playing With Fire Calin Rua
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Dervish
Appears On: Playing With Fire
Language: English


As I roved out on a summer's morning a-speculating most curiously
To my surprise, I there espied a charming fair maid approaching me
I stood awhile in deep meditation contemplating what I should do
'Til at length recruiting all my sensations I thus accosted the Cailin Rua

Are you Aurora or the goddess Flora, Artemidora or Venus bright?
Or Helen, fair beyond compare, that Paris stole from the Grecian sight?
Oh fairest maiden, you have enslaved me, I'm captivated in Cupid's clew
Your golden sayings are infatuations that have enslaved me, a Cailin Rua

Kind sir, be easy and do not tease me with your false praises so jestingly
Your dissimulation and invocation are vaunting praises alluring me
I am not Aurora or the goddess Flora, I'm a rural maid to all men's view
Who's here condoling my situation, my appelation the Cailin Rua

Oh were I Hector, that noble victor, who died a victim to Grecian skill
Or were I Paris whose deeds are various, an arbitrator on Ida's Hill
I'd rage through Asia like Abyssinia Pennsylvania seeking you
The burning raygions like sage Orpheus to see your face, my sweet Cailin Rua