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Closer To You Coming Home
Credits: Ashley Davis & Keiko Ishibashi
Appears On: Closer To You
Language: English


A lifetime apart, an ocean away
We thought we had left for better days
But winter came and never left
Our mothers cried, our fathers wept

We were bound across the ocean
She called us at night, her plains and mountains
We built her homes, we sang her songs
We're coming home, it's been too long

We're coming home your sons and daughters
We worked so hard, we thought of you, father
And there's nothing here but more of the past
With peace in our hearts, we'll be home at last

Flowers blooming, sun is shining
Night is coming, we're still smiling
Oh my mother, oh my father
We'll be with you in the morning

We saw your face in the stars at night
We kept our minds away from the fight
We knew our future lives in tomorrow
Not in the peace that you borrow

Now our children will walk these hills
To the tune of sunshine, not bloody battles
We'll walk behind them, a lifetime apart
They'll come home at last with peace in their hearts

Come home, children, sleep now, children
We'll be with you in the morning
Peace in our hearts, peace in our lands
We have buried all of your tears