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All Things Considered Bridget Donaghue
Credits: Alan Burke; lyrics by Johnnie Patterson; arranged by Danú
Appears On: All Things Considered
Language: English


'Twas in the County Kerry, a little ways from Clare
Where the boys and girls are merry at the pattern dance so fair
The town is called Killorglin, a pretty place to view
But the thing that makes it interesting is my Bridget Donaghue

Oh Bridget Donaghue, I really do love you
Although I'm in America, to you I will be true
And Bridget Donaghue, I'll tell you what we'll do
Just take the name of Patterson and I'll take Donaghue

Her father is a farmer, a decent man is he
And he's loved and well-respected from Killorglin to Tralee
And Bridget on a Sunday when coming home from mass
She's admired by all the people, sure they wait to see her pass


I sent my love a picture, I did upon my word
Not a picture of myself, but 'twas a picture of a bird
It was the Yankee Eagle, says I, "Miss Donaghue
This eagle's wings are large enough to shelter me and you"

(Chorus 2x)