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Woman Of The House Woman Of The House
Tracks: 1. The Jolly Seven/The Rascal On The Haystack/Bonkers In Yonkers
2. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
3. Carolan's Favorite Jig/The Rakes Of Cashel/Highland March In Oscar & Malvina
4. Bogie's Bonnie Belle
5. Woman Of The House Medley: The Fairy Queen/The Gooseberry Bush/Paddy Kelly's/Woman Of The House
6. The Hills Of New Zealand
7. Betsy Belle And Mary Gray
8. Fair And Tender Ladies
9. Paddy O' Snap/Robin Kellegher/The Cove Of Cork
10. The Green Fields Of Canada
11. The Old Maids OF Galway/The Sunny Banks/The Flooded Road To Glenties/Free & Easy