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The Winds Begin To Sing Where Are You Tonight I Wonder
Credits: Andy Stewart; arranged by Karan Casey & Donald Shaw
Appears On: The Winds Begin To Sing
Language: English
Other Versions: "Where Are You" on Déanta's album Whisper Of A Secret


Where are you tonight, I wonder?
Where will you be tonight when I cry?
Will sleep for you come easy
Whilst I alone can't slumber?
Will you welcome the morning
At another man's side?

How easy for you the years have slipped under
And left me with a shadow the sun can't dispel
For I built for you a tower full of love and admiration
But I built it so high I could not reach it myself

The view from my window is a world full of sadness
The face in my mirror is the one face I know
You have taken all that's in me, so my heart is in no danger
Oh my heart is in no danger, but I'd still like to know


There is a silence and it cannot be broken
There is a pure heart, it's there I will go
Time will work its healing, and my spirit will grow stronger
But in the meantime, I would still like to know