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Get Out Distant Hill
Credits: Manus Lunny
Appears On: Get Out (re-issue)
Language: English


Walk a lonely foreign street
Hunger sets the pace
Unfriendly eyes that follow you
And judge you by your race
To be beaten down by something blind
Make solid thoughts run wild
A mother's tears fight the fears
On the loss of another child

Trapped by fiction
Climb to see a cloudy sky
Where the turn of a screw scars
And pains your memory
Surrounded by a wall of steel
With thoughts so dark and cold
A solitary day grows dim
Battered hope that grows no more

And again you learn to live
Find a place you know
And all our strength we give
To a distant hill our thoughts will go

Cushioned by the outside world
Thoughts imprisoned in your mind
Surrounded by your closest friends
Helps the bitterness unwind
And now when beasts nap at your feet
It's only when you're dreaming
And as the pain starts to leave
Begins the agony of healing

(Chorus 2x)

To a distant hill our thoughts will go