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Speaking With The Angel Message Of Love
Credits: Steve Cooney
Appears On: Speaking With The Angel
Language: English


A message of love right to your heart
Comes from above to make a new start
To spark a new flame that will ring the world 'round
Playing destiny's game and creating her sound
In a message of love

Tell all your friends our time is here
We're on our way, the message is clear
We're an act of creation now and forever
We're a river of nations, we're coming together with


Spirit of love, spirit of life
Help us be strong, help us to do right
Here is our chance to heal the old scars
Learn a new way to dance to the song of the stars with


I hear the butterflies dreaming in the shimmering air
I feel the power of life, a flowering fire everywhere
I sing the tree and the dove, the eagle, fox and the hare
The right to exist is our right we all share, it's


When evening falls, focus your mind
When spirits call, let your body unwind
And open your heart and do it today
And do what is right and do not delay because

(Chorus 2x)