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Mary Black Crusader
Credits: Mick Hanly
Appears On: Mary Black
Language: English


There's a wilderness, it's a no man's land
Between Alice Springs and the ocean
Seventeen hundred miles of burning sand
And a silken thread keeps a hold on you
When the emptiness like a potion
Tends to fray your reason strand by strand

And there's no more need for the mask you wear
When the last good-byes have been said
So kiss the cheeks of your dearest friends
And turn to the desert ahead
Now you're on your own like a sailing ship
You're the captain, the crew and the sailors
Turn around and this is what you see

This is me, facing me
All alone 'cause I choose to be
With the wind and the sun on me
Only me

Now you dream so much about being lost
Your ghost by a coolebah sleeping
Haunts you and whispers in your ear
Give up, give up this lonely road
No one knows the promise you're keeping
You can't touch the emptiness out here

But the grace that mends this broken wing
The blue sky to regain
Will lift those feet and raise those eyes
To face the desert again
As the dawn reveals the journey's end
In truth it's only beginning
And it's as big as your eyes wish to see

(Chorus 2x)