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Circus The Circus
Credits: Noel Brazil
Appears On: Circus
Language: English


The sky collapsed around us
You didn't seem to care
I hailed you through the raindrops
You weren't even there

I juggle with the breakfast
You fret behind the sheets
I want you to be steadfast
You want to be released

Oh my pretty darling
Where did we go astray?
Oh my pretty darling
I thought you'd come to stay

We're all dollied up for the circus
Oh isn't it grand?
We're laughing and jumping and kissing
We're beating the band

I've got no more smiles to win you
No tricks to turn your head
When love cannot continue
There's not much to be said


It's all cut and thrust at the circus
And maybe makes three
You're twisting my words into serpents
I'm down on my knees


I thought you'd come to stay
I thought you'd come to stay