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Relics Bryd One Brere
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Michael McGlynn
Appears On: Relics
Language: Old English

Lyrics: Translation:
Bryd one brere Bird on a briar
Brid, brid one brere Bird, bird on a briar
Kynd is come of loue Nature is come from love
Loue to crave To beg love
Blithful biryd Blissful bird
On me thu rewe Have pity on me
Or greyth, lef Or prepare, my love
Greith thu me my graue Prepare me for my grave
Mikte hic hire Might I have her
At wille haven With her consent
Stedefast of loue Steadfast of love
Loueli, trewe Lovely, true
Of mi sorwe Of my sorrow
Yhe may me sauen She may save me
Loye and blisse were Joy and bliss would be
Ere me newe New to me