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The Blue Idol The Sea-Apprentice Boy
Credits: Traditional; arranged by Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Dáithí Sproule, Ciaran Tourish, Dermot Byrne & Mark Kelly
Appears On: The Blue Idol
Language: English


When first I went a sea-apprentice bound
I sailed the salt seas all 'round and 'round
I scarce had sailed a voyage but one
When I fell in love with my charming Anne

I went to my captain both stout and bold
And unto him my secret told
I love yon lass as I love my life
What would I give if she were my wife?

Well, the captain said, "You're a foolish boy
For to court a girl that you'll ne'er enjoy
For she'll have lovers while you're at sea
And she'll be married e're you'll be free"

Well, I don't know but I'll go and try
For she might fancy an apprentice boy
And she might alter her mind for me
And wait on me until I be free

Well, I bought her ribbons, I bought her gloves
These things to prove of a heart that loves
She accepted all and she was not shy
And she vowed to wait for her apprentice boy

When my ship is anchored and my work is over
I'll steer my barque for sweet Erin's shore
In my native country, my love I'll enjoy
And she'll welcome home her apprentice boy

So come all you sea-apprentices where e'er you be
Never slight your true love while you're at sea
Just love her as you love your life
And she'll consent to become your wife